Guided Missile

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Guided Missile
Founded 1994
Founder Paul Guided Missile
Defunct 2004
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London

Guided Missile was a London-based independent record label set up by Paul Kearney in 1994, and active until the early 2000s.[1] Guided Missile Records focused on releases by underground indie bands through the late 1990s, and Guided Missile continues to the present day as an events promoter, at venues such as The Islington, The Lexington and, until closure, The Buffalo Bar.[2][3]

A series of 'tribute' records in the early 2000s culminated in a minor UK chart hit by Diff'rent Darkness in 2003.[4]

Guided Missile has been acclaimed as an inspiration for current UK DIY labels such as Upset The Rhythm.[5]


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