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Guiding 2010 Centenary
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The Guiding 2010 Centenary consisted of celebrations around the world in which Girl Guides and Girl Scouts celebrated 100 years of the world Guide and Scout movement. It took place over three years, 2010-2012, reflecting the founding dates of many World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts member organisations.

National Guide and Scout movements added local celebrations to the international ones.

Centenary Celebration Days[edit]

There were three Centenary Celebration Days. On 10 April each year, celebrations were held around the world under a unifying theme. The theme for 2010 was plant. The theme for 2011 was grow, and the theme for 2012 was share.

Girlguiding UK[edit]

Girlguiding UK started its Centenary celebrations on 4 September 2009.[1] The Centenary Camp was held from 2010-07-31 to 2010-08-07 at Harewood House. In September 2009, a maze to celebrate the beginnings of Guiding at Crystal Palace opened in Crystal Palace Park.

The tall ship Lord Nelson made a 100-day voyage around the coast of the UK to celebrate the centenary. The Lord Nelson set sail from Glasgow on 7 June 2010.[2] She called at Oban, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Boston, London, Chatham, Portsmouth, Falmouth, Milford Haven and Whitehaven.[3] At each port she took on new crew, many of whom had never sailed before.

Girl Guides Australia[edit]

Girl Guides Australia celebrated 100 years of Guiding across Australia from September 2009 to February 2011.

The Australian Centenary Event (ACE) was held 3–9 January 2010 just outside Melbourne, Victoria. It was an international camp for 2500 girls, with another 500-700 leaders attending. Pippa Penguin was the mascot for ACE. ACE was to be held at Britannia Park, but was moved after high risk of bushfire.[4]

Other nationwide Centenary events included simultaneous 100 Downunder activities on May 23 and Promise renewals on 10-10-10 at 10am.

The Australian Government named 2010 the 'Year of the Girl Guide' in honour of the centenary celebrations. They also issued a commemorative $1 coin into circulation as well as 3 postage stamps to celebrate the event.

The Chain of Campfires event was held on June 19. Units across Australia lit campfires between 5pm and 9pm.

Girl Guides of Canada[edit]

Guiding Mosaic 2010 was held from July 8–17 at Guelph Lake Conservation Area in Southern Ontario. Over 2,500 girls and women attended the camp.[5] Participants came from across Canada as well as from many countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.

Girl Scouts of Korea[edit]

Centenary Girl Scout International Camp Korea 2011.png

The Girl Scouts of Korea (GSK) hosted the 13th Girl Scout International Camp in commemoration of the Centenary of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, from 25 to 31 July 2011 at Goseong World Jamboree campsite, Gangwon, Korea.[citation needed]

Girl Scouts of the USA 2012 Centennial[edit]

GSUSA is in contact with museums, businesses and organizations to join with the Girl Scouts in showcasing Girl Scouts.[6] GSUSA will have celebratory T-shirts and accessories, including jewelry and hats embellished with the 100th Anniversary logo available by mid-2011.[7]

President Barack Obama signed the "Girl Scouts of the USA Commemorative Coin Act" for the 100th Anniversary celebration. The act authorized the minting of 350,000 silver dollar coins in honor of Girl Scouts and the achievements of the 50 million women influenced by Girl Scouting during the last 100 years.[8]

The celebration of the Anniversary will be kicked off by participating in the world-famous Pasadena, California Rose Parade of 2012, featuring the GSUSA 100th Anniversary float. A multi-award winning float design company is donating their services to design the float, which will be constructed and decorated totally by GSUSA Volunteers of all ages.[9]

Colorado is staging a vigorous campaign to create a special license plate to honor the Girl Scout Centennial. The campaign has gone national with the Girl Scouts asking for votes at their website.[10]

Girl Guides of Malaysia[edit]

Throughout 2016, the national association and its branches have held several events to celebrate 100 years of girl guiding since 1917.

Postage stamps[edit]

Many countries have issued postage stamps honouring the Guiding and Girl Scouting's centenary. These include:

  • Jersey on January 12, 2010 [11]
  • United Kingdom on February 2, 2010 [12]
  • Guernsey on May 27, 2010 [13]
  • Canada on July 8, 2010
  • Australia on August 31, 2010 [14]
  • USA on June 9, 2012 [15]
  • Malaysia on December 9, 2016


Many countries have issued coins honouring the Guiding and Girl Scouting's centenary. These include:

  • United Kingdom on February 8, 2010 [16]
  • Australia in June 2010 [17]
  • Malaysia on June 6, 2016 [18]

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