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For other uses, see Guido (disambiguation).
Pronunciation Italian: [ˈɡwiːdo]
German: [ˈɡiːdo]
Gender male
Word/name Italian, Ancient Germanic
Meaning Forest, Guide
Other names
Related names Guy

Guido is a given name Latinised from the Old High German name Wido[1] mostly used in Germany, Italy, and Spain. The given name Guy is the Norman-French version of this name.

In the United States and Canada, guido is sometimes used as a pejorative for certain Italian-Americans deemed to fit a particular ethnic stereotype.


Given name[edit]

  • Guido of Acqui (c. 1004–1070), bishop of Acqui
  • Guido Buchwald (b. 1961) German soccer player (world champion 1990)
  • Guido of Cortona (c. 1190–1250), saint and founder of a convent in Cortona (Tuscany) who joined Franciscan friars in 1211
  • Guido of Arezzo (991/992–after 1033), (also Guido Aretinus, Guido da Arezzo, Guido Monaco, or Guido D'Arezzo), music theorist
  • Guido Cagnacci (1601–1663), Italian painter
  • Guido Calabresi (b. 1932), American judge and former Dean of Yale Law School
  • Guido Cavalcanti (c. 1250/1259–1300), Italian (Florentine) poet and friend of Dante
  • Guido Calza (1888–1946) Italian archaeologist
  • Guido de Bres (1522–1567) pastor, theologian, author of Belgic Confession
  • Guido delle Colonne (early 13th century), Italian writer and contemporary of Dante
  • Guido Deiro (1886–1950), a vaudeville piano-accordionist
  • Guido Grandi (1671–1742), Italian priest and professor of mathematics
  • Guido Guerrini, (b. 1976), Italian rally driver
  • Guido Mantega (b. 1949), Finance Minister of Brazil
  • Guido Knopp (b. 1946), German historian, journalist and producer of history documentaries
  • Guido Kratschmer (b. 1953), German decathlete and former world record holder
  • Guido Martino (1895–1922), Italian fascist
  • Guido de Marco (1931–2010), Maltese politician, who served as the sixth President of Malta from 1999 to 2004
  • Guido Marini (b. 1965), Roman Catholic priest, current Master of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations
  • Guido I da Montefeltro (1223–1298), advisor to Pope Boniface VIII
  • Guido of Pisa (d. 1169), Italian geographer
  • Guido Quaroni (b. 1970), computer modeller and animation scientist at Pixar Animation Studios
  • Guido Reni (1575–1642), Italian painter
  • Guido Stampacchia (1922–1978), Italian mathematician
  • Guido van Rossum (b. 1956), creator of the Python programming language
  • Guido Westerwelle (1961-2016), Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor of Germany
  • Guy of Anderlecht (c. 950–1012), Belgian saint
  • Guy Fawkes (later Guido Fawkes) (1570–1606), English Catholic who attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the Gunpowder Plot
  • Paul Staines (b. 1967), a British political blogger going by the name "Guido Fawkes" after the above

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