Guido Meregalli

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Meregalli at the 1922 Italian Grand Prix

Guido Meregalli (1894 – 1959) was an Italian racecar driver, known from several GP victories between 1920 and 1926.

He had victories in the 1920 Grand Prix season, winning the Targa Florio 1920 in a 4441 cm³ Nazzaro GP.[1] Driving a Diatto alongside Alfieri Maserati, he won the Circuito del Garda race three years in a row, the 1922 Grand Prix season in a Tipo 20 (two-litre, four-cylinder), 1923 and 1924 in a Tipo 20S. At the VI Coppa Florio 1922, he was leading the Diatto GP305 when it crashed, killing his mechanic Giuseppe Giacchino.[2] The immediate follower, Henry Segrave gave first aid and helped out.[3] Switching to Maserati, Meregalli failed to finish in the 1926 Italian Grand Prix, driving a Tipo 26 (1.5-litre, eight-cylinder).


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