Guild Software

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Guild Software
Industry Interactive entertainment
Founded 1998
Headquarters Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Key people
John Bergman
Ray Ratelis
Michael Warnock
Products Video games
Vendetta Online

Guild Software is a small computer game developer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) founded in 1998. Guild Software is best known for creating Vendetta Online,[1][2][3][4] a first-person MMORPG that uses their in-house NAOS[5] game engine. In 2009, the studio was voted a Reader's Choice Award for Favorite Company by[6]

In 2013, Guild Software's Vendetta Online was widely reported as the first MMORPG to support the Oculus Rift,[7][8] making it potentially the first persistent online world with native support for a consumer Virtual reality headset.

Beyond game development, the company also created and maintains the free and popular[9] Android app Barometer HD, allowing simple measurement and graphing of barometric pressure on devices equipped with pressure sensors.[10]

Notable Staff[edit]

  • John Bergman - CEO, Game Design, Artwork
  • Ray Ratelis - VP of Engineering


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