Guildford Greenbelt Group

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Guildford Greenbelt Group
Leader Cllr. Susan Parker
Founded 2013
Headquarters Guildford
House of Commons
0 / 650
Guildford Borough Council
3 / 48

The Guildford Greenbelt Group is a small political party within the United Kingdom which seeks to preserve the green belt surrounding Guildford in Surrey.

The group was founded in 2013 and the party was registered with the Electoral Commission in 2014.

Its chair, Susan Parker, stood in Guildford in the 2015 general election [1] coming in 6th place with 538 votes (1.0%) [2]

Standing in some wards in the Borough of Guildford in the 2015 local elections, the party gained its first three councillors,[3] and secured 20,614 votes across the borough.


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