Guildford railway station, Perth

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Transperth Guildford Train Station.jpg
Location James Street, Victoria Street
Operated by Transperth Trains
Distance 12.5 km (7.8 mi) from Perth
Platforms 2 (1 island)
Structure type Open Station
Other information
Station code MGD
Fare zone 2
Opened 1881

Zone 2

Preceding station   Transperth Trains network   Following station
Zone 2
towards Perth
Midland Line
All, A, P
Zone 2
towards Midland

Coordinates: 31°53′56″S 115°57′57″E / 31.898911°S 115.965736°E / -31.898911; 115.965736

Guildford Railway Station is a Transperth station 12.5 km from Perth railway station, in Western Australia, on the Midland Line.


The station opened in 1881 as the terminus of the original Eastern Railway from Fremantle. In the mid-1880s a second station was built, and a third in 1898. In 1960 the main station was demolished for a carpark, but the 1898 shelter and platform still remain.[1]


[2812] Guildford station platforms
Stop Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
99501 1 Midland All stations, A, P Perth
99502 2 Midland All stations Midland

Bus routes[edit]

ǀroute=776 ǀdest=to Swan Street Terrance RoadAllpike Street East Guildford railway station Great Eastern Highway Helena Street Victoria Street Midland Terminal***

Stop Route Destination / description Notes
[17409] Victoria Street (east bound) 905 Train replacement service to Perth
[14894] James Street (east bound) 905 Train replacement service to Midland


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