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Guilhèm Adèr (in French language Guilhem Ader ; Gimont ?, 1567 ? - Gimont, 1638) was an Occitan language writer from Gascony. He is the author of a book a maxims inspired from Cato (Lo Catonet Gascon) and of an epic poem dedicated to Henry III of Navarre and IV France in 2690 Alexandrine verses.

He was born in Gimont, Gascony. He studied in Toulouse and became a physician and served in the Duc of Joyeuse's army. Afterward he settle back in Gimont where he married Magdalena de Lux and had a daughter and son.


Ader's edition[edit]

  • Jeanroy, Alfred Poésies de Guillaume Ader, publiées avec notice, traduction et Notes. Tolosa : Privat, 1904
  • Adèr Guilhèm. Lo Catonet gascon. Ortès : Per Noste, 2008.
  • Adèr Guilhèm. Lo gentilòme gascon. Ortès : Per Noste, 2010.


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