Guillén Pérez de Guzmán

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Guillén Pérez de Guzmán
Noble family Guzmán
Father Pedro Rodríguez de Guzmán
Mother Mahalda
Born c. 1180
Died 1233

Guillén Pérez de Guzmán (ca. 1180[a]–1233), a member of the House of Guzmán, one of the most aristocratic of the Kingdom of Castile, was the maternal grandfather of Queen Beatrice of Castile, Queen Consort of Portugal as the wife of King Alfonso III. His father was Pedro Rodríguez de Guzmán—killed in the Battle of Alarcos on July 18, 1195[2]and son of Rodrigo Muñoz de Guzmán—and Mahalda[b] With his brothers Nuño and Theobald, he fought alongside King Alfonso VIII at the decisive Battle of Navas de Tolosa in 1212.[4] Even though his kinsmen supported the Laras during the crisis that ensued after the death of King Alfonso VIII, Guillén, probably because of his marriage to a member of the Girón clan, supported Queen Berengaria of Castile and her son, the future king Ferdinand III.[5]

Marriage and issue[edit]

Depiction of the Battle of Navas de Tolosa by 19th-century painter Francisco de Paula Van Halen, exhibited at the Senate building in Madrid.

He married, probably before 1217 and certainly before May 1222, María González Girón[c] daughter of Gonzalo Rodríguez Girón and Sancha Rodríguez.[d] María, after the death of her husband Guillén, married Gil Vasques de Soverosa, with issue.[2][6] Guillén Pérez de Guzmán and his wife María were the parents of:


  1. ^ His parents were married around May 1174 when King Alfonso VIII of Castile gave the couple a wedding gift consisting of several properties.He had two older brothers as well as two sisters.[1]
  2. ^ In old genealogical treatises, Pedro's wife is said to be a member of the Manzanedo family although this filiation is not confirmed in medieval charters. Jaime de Salazar y Acha suggests that she could have been an illegitimate daughter of William VIII of Montpellier and, therefore, half-sister of Maria of Montpellier, the mother of King James I of Aragon.[3]
  3. ^ On May 8, 1222, Gonzalo Rodríguez Girón, accompanied by his children and by his second wife, confirmed a donation of a hospital to the Cathedral of Palencia. María also signs the charter with the consent of her husband Guillén.[2]
  4. ^ Previously considered the daughter of an undocumented Rodrigo Rodríguez de Lara, Salazar y Acha believes that she was the daughter of the royal alférez Rodrigo Fernández de Toroño and his wife Aldonza Pérez.[2]


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