Guillaume-Joseph Roques

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The Death of Marat by Guillaume-Joseph Roques{1793}; note the knife lying on the floor at lower left
Self-portrait of the artist designing the portrait of Louis XVIII, 1815–1817

Guillaume-Joseph Roques (1757–1847) was a French neoclassical and romantic painter.

He taught at the Royal Academy of Arts in Toulouse where Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres was among his pupils. He was a prolific artist and one of the most notable exponents of neoclassicism outside of the centre of the movement in Paris, though later in life he tended towards romanticism.

His most notable paintings include a copy of Jacques-Louis David's The Death of Marat (1793) and a series of works covering the life of the Virgin Mary, painted from 1810–1820 for the choir of the church of Notre-Dame de la Daurade in Toulouse.