Guillermo Fernández-Shaw

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Guillermo Fernández-Shaw
Guillermo Fernandez-Shaw.jpg
Guillermo Fernández-Shaw photographed circa 1945
Born Guillermo Fernández-Shaw Iturralde
(1893-02-26)26 February 1893
Died 17 August 1965(1965-08-17) (aged 72)
Occupation poet, journalist
Nationality Spanish

Guillermo Fernández-Shaw Iturralde (26 February 1893 - 17 August 1965) was a Spanish poet and journalist. He is particularly known as a writer of libretti, primarily for zarzuelas. With Federico Romero, he wrote the libretti for two of the best-known zarzuelas of the 20th century, Doña Francisquita by Amadeo Vives and Luisa Fernanda by Federico Moreno Torroba. His father, Carlos Fernández Shaw, was also a playwright, poet and journalist who wrote libretti for several zarzuelas and operas, most famously Margarita la tornera and La vida breve. Guillermo Fernández-Shaw was born in Cádiz and initially trained as a lawyer before becoming a journalist. He was the editor of the Spanish newspaper La Epoca from 1911 to 1936, and a contributor to ABC as well as writing poetry for Blanco y Negro.[1] His partnership with Federico Romero began in 1916 with their libretto for Serrano's La canción del olvido. Guillermo Fernández-Shaw died in Madrid on 17 August 1965 at the age of 72.


Guillermo Fernández-Shaw wrote over 70 libretti in collaboration with Federico Romero,[2] including:

In 1941 Guillermo worked with his brother Rafael Fernández Shaw on Torroba's Maria Manuela. Following Guillermo's feud with Federico Romero, which ultimately ended their artistic partnership,[2] the two brothers then became regular collaborators, producing:

  • 1947. Un día de primavera by Jesús Romo
  • 1949. La duquesa del Candil by Jesús Leoz
  • 1951 La lola se va a los puertos by Ángel Barrios
  • 1951. El canastillo de fresas by Jacinto Guerrero (Guerrero's last zarzuela)
  • 1953. El gaitero de Gijón by Jesús Romo


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