Guillermo Navarro

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Guillermo Navarro
Guillermo Navarro VFS 01 (cropped).jpg
Guillermo Navarro
Born 1955 (age 61–62)
Mexico City, Mexico
Nationality Mexico
Occupation Cinematographer
Title ASC
Awards Academy Award for Best Cinematography: Pan's Labyrinth 2006

Guillermo Navarro, ASC (born 1955) is a Mexican cinematographer and director.[1] He has worked in Hollywood since 1993 and is a frequent collaborator of Guillermo del Toro and Robert Rodriguez. In 2006 he won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography for the film Pan's Labyrinth. His work often features very vivid blues and yellows which often take up most of the image, and the film's grain structure often switches between well-defined and sharp, and somewhat smoothed over or very fine. His filmography runs the gamut from small arthouse films to big-budget action films. Navarro's directing debut is a 2012 music video for musician Mia Maestro titled "Blue Eyed Sailor", co-directed with media artist Juan Azulay, also featuring son Alvaro Navarro's cinematography.


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