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The Embassy of Nicaragua in Washington, D.C., where Sevilla-Sacasa resided while serving as Nicaraguan ambassador to the United States.

Guillermo Sevilla Sacasa (1908 – December 16, 1997) was the Nicaraguan ambassador to the United States from 1943 until 1979, when President Anastasio Somoza Debayle was ousted from Nicaragua.[1] As a result of his record-breaking service as ambassador in Washington, D.C., he was appointed Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, a position he held until July 1979.

He was the son of J. Ramón Sevilla Castellón and wife Dolores Sacasa Sacasa, daughter of Roberto Sacasa, 44th and 46th President of Nicaragua, and wife and cousin Ángela Sacasa Cuadra.

Known as the "world's most decorated ambassador", he was a judge and leader of the Nicaraguan National Assembly.[2] He also served as Ambassador to the U.S. for 36 years under 8 American Presidents and 11 Secretaries of State.

In 1943, Sevilla-Sacasa married Lillian Somoza Debayle, born in León, Nicaragua, on May 3, 1921, daughter of Anastasio Somoza García, 65th and 69th President of Nicaragua, and wife Salvadora Debayle Sacasa, and had nine children:

  • Guillermo Sevilla Somoza, has four children from original marriage to Louise Driscoll ;
    • William (Billy) Christopher Sevilla - Eldest grandchild
    • Christine Sevilla
    • Alexander David Sevilla
    • Robert Sevilla
  • Lillian Salvadora Sevilla Somoza married to Luis Somoza Abrego has three children:
    • Carlos Somoza
    • Luis José Somoza, married to Nicole, has one child:
      • Drew Somoza
    • Enrique Somoza
  • Luis Ramón Sevilla Somoza is currently married to Coralia Stutzler and has three children from a previous marriage:
    • Luis Sevilla Levy, married to Lizette, has one child
      • Deliala Sevilla
    • Francoise Sevilla Levy
    • Lillian Sevilla Levy
  • Edda Maria Sevilla Somoza (single)
  • Julia Sevilla Somoza, (divorced) has three children from a previous marriage:
    • Mario Sacasa Sevilla, married to Xiomara Blandino, has three children:
      • Mario Sebastian Sacasa Blandino
      • Santiago Sacasa Blandino
      • Julia Isabela Sacasa (Daughter from a previous relationship)
    • Ricardo Sacasa Sevilla
    • Julia Casimira Sacasa Sevilla, married to Luis Checa, has one child:
      • Carlos Checa Sacasa

Melba born April 27th 2016

  • Lorena Isabel Sevilla Somoza, (divorced) has two children from a previous marriage;
    • Lorena Anastasia Laurenzano Sevilla, married to Michael O'Rea, has three children:
      • Kiara Anastasia Laurenzano O'Rea
      • Lorenzo Michael Laurenzano O'Rea
      • Tomasino Salvatore Laurenzano O'Rea
    • Carolyn Christina Laurenzano Sevilla has two children with Humberto Lorenzo Morrell:
      • Alessandro Lorenzo Morrell Laurenzano
      • Michael Antonio Morrell Laurenzano
  • Eduardo Sevilla Somoza, Nicaragua's Ambassador to the United Nations from 2000-2007, married to Beatriz Obregon Lacayo, Miss Nicaragua 1977; together they have three children:
    • Eduardo "Dito" Jose Sevilla Obregon
    • Carlos Guillermo Sevilla Obregon
    • Beatriz Carolina Sevilla Obregon
  • Alejandro Javier Sevilla Somoza, married to Bryony Sara Veater, has two children;
    • Jennifer Claire Sevilla, married to Anthony Montana, has one child:
      • Audrey Claire Montana
    • Alejandro Guillermo Sevilla, married to Kelly Bond, has one child:
      • Charlotte Kate Sevilla
  • Bernardo David Sevilla Somoza, married to Kymberly Young Martin, has two children:
    • Nicolas Martin Sevilla
    • Evan David Sevilla


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