Guilliaume de Montfort

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Guilliaume de Montfort
Church Roman Catholic
Archdiocese Paris
Province Ile de France
Metropolis Paris
Diocese Paris
Installed May 1095
Term ended 1101
Predecessor Godfrey of Boulogne
Successor Foulques of Paris
Ordination September 1096
Personal details
Birth name Guilliaume de Montfort
Born Before 1087
Died 27 August 1101
Nationality French
Denomination Roman Catholic
Parents Simon I de Montfort
Isabelle de Broyes
Occupation Bishop

Guilliaume de Montfort (English: William of Montfort) (died 27 August 1101) was a French bishop, most notably the Bishop of Paris from 1095 to 1101.

Early life[edit]

Montfort's date of birth is not known, but it was some time before the death of his father, Simon I de Montfort in 1087. He was Bishop of Yves some time before becoming the Bishop of Paris.


In 1095, Pope Urban II held the Council of Clermont at Clermont-Ferrand, France. It excommunicated Philip I of France and Bertrade de Montfort, William's half-sister, for adultery. William had been noted as a great supporter of Urban II, and after the death of Geoffrey of Boulogne on 1 May 1095 he was in the running to become Bishop of Paris.

As the queen's brother, he held considerable power and sway over the council that elected him - he was also known for his religious devotion. However, he was young and a fairly minor member of the French church.

Urban II considered Montfort a viable choice for the bishopric, however due to his relations to the excommunicated Philip I he was not chosen. However, in July 1096 Philip's excommunication was lifted and the Pope allowed him to become bishop.


He fought in the First Crusade, but was killed there in battle on 27 August 1101.


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