Guilty (Hugh Cornwell album)

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Guilty Album.jpg
Studio album by Hugh Cornwell
Released 27 May 1997[1]
Recorded London, Bath
Genre Alternative rock
Label Madfish
Producer Laurie Latham
Hugh Cornwell chronology
Black Hair, Black Eyes, Black Suit
U.S. release, Velvel 1999

Guilty is a solo album by Hugh Cornwell released in 1997.

The album was released in the US on 23 February 1999 on Velvel Records as Black Hair, Black Eyes, Black Suit with different artwork and two additional tracks: "Jesus Will Weep" and "Not Hungry Enough" and without "Five Miles High".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "One Burning Desire"
  2. "Snapper"
  3. "Nerves of Steel"
  4. "Jesus Will Weep" (US issue bonus track)
  5. "Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit"
  6. "Hot Head"
  7. "Endless Day Endless Night"
  8. "Not Hungry Enough" (US issue bonus track)
  9. "Five Miles High" (not included on US issue)
  10. "Sravandrabellagola"
  11. "Long Dead Train"
  12. "Torture Garden"
  13. "House of Sorrow"


  • Hugh Cornwell
  • Steve Lawrence
  • Phil Andrews
  • Chris Bell
  • Laurie Latham