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Guilty party, Guilty Party, Guilty Parties, The Guilty Party, etc., may refer to:

  • Guilty party, someone convicted of a crime under criminal law
  • Guilty party, informally, someone found at fault in a lawsuit under a) civil law in the common law system, or b) private law in the civil law system

Film and TV[edit]



  • "'The Guilty Party'", a short story by O. Henry, first published in The Trimmed Lamp (1907)
  • Guilty Party, 1997 EP by the band Out Hud
  • The Guilty Party, Roger Glover's band from 2002 onward (albums released in 2002 and 2011)
  • "Guilty Party", a song on the 2017 album Sleep Well Beast by the National (also released as an electronic single and as the B-side of "The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness" single)
  • "The Guilty Party", a song by While She Sleeps on the 2019 album "So What?"