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The arms granted to the Rev. Hosea Guinness in 1814, Per saltire gules and azure a lion rampant Or on a chief ermine, a dexter hand couped at the wrist of the first, include the Red Hand of Ulster. His Motto was Spes mea in Deo [My hope in God][1]

The Guinness family is an extensive Anglo-Irish family noted for its accomplishments in brewing, banking, politics, and religious ministry. The brewing branch is particularly well-known among the general public for producing the dry stout Guinness Beer.[2] The founder of the dynasty, Arthur Guinness, is confirmed to have had McCartan origins.[3] Beginning in the late 18th century, they became a prominent part of what is known in Ireland as 'the Ascendancy'.[4]

Four members of the family in succession held the UK Parliament constituency of Southend, which became popularly known as "Guinness-on-Sea".

The "banking line" Guinnesses all descend from Arthur's brother Samuel (1727–1795) who set up as a goldbeater in Dublin in 1750; his son Richard (1755–1830), a Dublin barrister; and Richard's son Robert Rundell Guinness who founded Guinness Mahon in 1836.[5]

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