Gujar Garhi

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Gujar Garhi
Village and union council
RegionKhyber Pakhtunkhwa
DistrictMardan District
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Gujar Garhi is a village and union council in Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.[1] It is located at 34°14'0N 72°1'0E and has an altitude of 298m (980 feet).This village is famous for agricultural engineering. The population is divided in many tribes. The main tribe is Gujjar consisting of almost 50 per cent of the village population next big tribe is Miangan and then some part are Baba Khel and kashmiri.[2]


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Coordinates: 34°14′0″N 72°1′0″E / 34.23333°N 72.01667°E / 34.23333; 72.01667