Gukeng, Yunlin

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Coordinates: 23°39′N 120°34′E / 23.650°N 120.567°E / 23.650; 120.567

Gukeng Township in Yunlin County
Gukeng Township

Gukeng Township (Chinese: 古坑鄉; pinyin: Gǔkēng Xiāng; Wade–Giles: KuL3-k'eng1 Hsiang1) is a rural township in the easternmost part of Yunlin County, Taiwan. It is the largest township in the county.


Administrative divisions[edit]

Jipan, Xinzhuang, Tunghe, Hebao, Gaolin, Shuidui, Tianxin, Gukeng, Zhaoyang, Xiping, Nanzi, Yongguang, Yongchang, Mayuan, Kanjiao, Huanan, Huashan, Guilin, Zhanghu and Caoling Village.


It is famous for agricultural produce,such as oranges, bamboo shoots,and camellia oil, most notably coffee.

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