Gul Mohammed Jangvi

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For other people named Gul Mohammed, see Gul Mohammed (disambiguation).

Mullah Gul Mohammed Jangvi (also known as Gul Mohammed) is a Taliban field commander.[1]

In an article published on June 9, 2006 the Asia Times described Gul Mohammed Jangvi as a former captive in the Bagram Theater detention facility, who had been denounced and captured in 2003, tortured, and forced to join the Jaish Muslim.[2] The Asia Times describes the Jaish Muslim as a "U.S. proxy".

On July 19, 2006 the Asia Times quoted Jangvi about the Taliban's unexpected withdrawal from hostilities.[1] The Asia Times reported that the Taliban had allowed the Sangeen District of Helmand Province to surrender without much of a fight. The Asia Times reported that the Taliban felt that they could allow outrage over Israel's recent bombardment of Lebanon to recruit new supporters to their cause.


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