Gul Ursani School

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Front view of the Gul Ursani High School

The Gul Ursani High School is situated at Qasimabad, Hyderabad, Sindh. It is a Sindhi Medium School established by Osar Foundation (اوسر پيڙهڪا). The school is named after Gul Khatoon Ursani, the late mother of Mr. Saleem Ursani who provided a large donation for the establishment of the school. The school has a multimedia hall, a science lab, a computer lab, a library and a play ground with sports goods.

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Ursani is the key person of Osar Foundation Trust.

The school is first of its series of schools to be established by Osar foundation. The school is also teaching the syllabus and books published by Osar Foundation. Osar Foundation is now working with Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) in its IELP Project.

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