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Gula may refer to:

  • Gula (surname), which see for a list of people of that name
  • Gula (crater), a crater on Ganymede
  • Gula (ethnic group), a tribal people living in western Liberia
  • "Gula", a song by EDM artist Deadmau5 from the 2014 album "while (1<2)"
  • Gullah, a people of African origin living on the islands and coastal regions of Georgia and South Carolina
  • Nintinugga, Babylonian goddess of health
  • Gula Mons, a volcano on Venus
  • Gula language (disambiguation), several African languages
  • Gula, Latin name for the vice of gluttony, one of the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Gula, Malay name for the sugar in Malaysia.

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