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Gulab Khandelwal
गुलाब खंडेलवाल
Born (1924-02-21) 21 February 1924 (age 93)
Occupation Poet
Nationality Indian
Education Banaras Hindu University
Notable works Usha, Sau Gulab Khile, Kuchh Aur Gulab, Ahalya, Har Subah Ek Taza Gulab

Gulab Khandelwal is an Indian poet born in the town of Navalgarh, Rajasthan (India) on 21 February 1924. He has written poetry in different forms such as Lyrics, Sonnets, Rubais (Quatrains), Dohas (Couplets), Odes, Elegies, Lyrical Ballads, Epics, Poetic Dramas, Ghazals, and Masnavi with equal felicity. He has even introduced some of these forms into Hindi literature and apart from Hindi, has also written poetry in Urdu and English. The span of his poetic language touches upon Sanskrit on one end and Urdu on the other.


He spent his childhood and received his early education at Gaya, Bihar. He received his undergraduate education at the Banaras Hindu University, graduating with a BA in 1943. While in Banaras, he came into contact with the great luminaries of Hindi Literature, including poets Suryakant Tripathi 'Nirala', Maithili Sharan Gupt, Hariaudh, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Bedhab Banarasi ; critics like Pt.Ramchandra Shukla, Nand Dulare Bajpai, Pt.ShriNarayan Chaturvedi; and scholars like Dr. Sampurnanand, Kamlapati Tripathi, SitaRam Chaturvedi, and his inborn poetic faculty matured.[1]

Literary career[edit]

He started writing poetry at an early age. His first volume of poems was published in 1941 with preface by the famous poet Suryakant Tripathi 'Nirala'. Since then, more than 50 volumes of his poems and 2 dramatic works in prose have been published, some of which have been digitised by the Digital Library of India.[2] Six of his books have received awards from the Uttar Pradesh government and one has received an award from the Bihar government.

He has translated some of his poems in English in Gulab Khandelwal: Selected Poems, which was published in 1986 with preface by Dr. Karan Singh, ex-Prince of Kashmir. He has been the president of Archana a literary society of Kolkata founded in the fiftees and has presided over many events organised by literary organisations, such as Archana He has worked extensively with other Hindi poets.[3]

For the last eighteen years he has been the president of Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Prayag. He is also the president of Bharati Parishad, an organisation founded by Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya. For fifteen years he has been the senior member of the editorial board of 'Vishwa Magazine', a tri-monthly literary magazine published in Hindi in the USA, the journal of the International Hindi Association[4][5] He is currently the president of International Hindi Association.

Currently, he mostly lives in the USA but visits India every year and is still active in his literary pursuit. He has worked extensively with Indian organisations in the United States and has also presided on meetings in New York on "Vishwa Hindi Sammelan", an organisation which strives towards the firm establishment of the Hindi language.[6]

He is still active after producing more than fifty volumes of poetry. At the age of 82, he wrote his auto-biography ज़िन्दगी है कोई किताब नहीं.


Some of his books were presented awards by Hindi Sansthan (U.P. Government), India

  1. Usha – by U.P. Government in 1967
  2. Roop Ki Dhoop – by U.P. Government in 1971
  3. Sau Gulab Khile – by U.P. Government in 1975
  4. Kuchh Aur Gulab – by U.P. Government in 1980
  5. Ahalya – Vishisht Puraskar by U.P. Government in 1980
  6. Har Subah Ek Taza Gulab – Nirala Puraskar by U.P. Government in 1989
  7. Adhunik Kavi-19 – Akhil Bharatiya Granth Puraskar by Bihar Government
  8. Ahalya – Akhil Bharatiya Rambhakti Puraskar by Hanuman Mandir Trust, Kolkata, 1984

Some of his books were selected as textbooks for colleges:

  1. Kach Devyani – Had been in Intermediate in Magadh University, Bihar (India)
  2. Usha (Mahakavya) – Had been in B.A. in Magadh University, Bihar (India)
  3. Ahalya (Khand-kavya) – Had been subject for dissertation in Awadh University, U.P. (India)
  4. Ahalya (Khand-kavya) – Had been in B.A. in Magadh University, Bihar (India)
  5. Alok-Vritt (Khand-kavya) – Had been in B.A. in Magadh University, Bihar (India)
  6. Alok-Vritt (Khand-kavya) – Is in Intermediate Board in Uttar Pradesh (India) since 1976


A Dissertation For M.A. was presented by Mukul Khandelwal under the guidance of Shri Shyam Nandan Singh in 1978 from Magadh University and two dissertations were presented under the guidance of Shri Hans Raj Tripathi from Awadh University. Degree of Ph. D has been awarded to the following persons on his literature:

  1. Sagar University, Madhya Pradesh to Yashvant Singh in 1966 (Hindi Ke Vaad-Mukt Kavi)
  2. Magadh University, Bihar to Ravindra Roy in 1985 (Gulab Khandelwal : Vyaktitva Aur Krititva)
  3. Meerut University, U.P. to Vishnu Prakash Mishra in 1992 (Gulab Khandelwal : Jeevan Aur Sahitya)
  4. Ruhelkhand University, U.P. to Poorti Avasthi in 1994 (Kavi Gulab Khandelwal Ke Sahitya Ka Alochnatmak Adhyayan)
  5. Mahatma Jyotiba Phule University, U.P. to Sneh Kumari Kanojiya in 2006 (Gulab Khandelwal Ke Kavya Ka ManoVaigyanik Adhyayan)
  6. Kurukshetra University, Haryana – Under the guidance of Shri Ramapati Singh in 2006 (Gulab Khandelwal : Vyaktitva Aur Krititva)
  7. Awadh University, Faizabad, U.P. to Ankita Mishra (Kavi Gulab Ki Kavya Drishti)


US and Canada

  1. Gulab Khandelwal was awarded the Honorary Citizenship of Baltimore City (USA) on 13 July 1985 "for his achievements and eminent gifts to our times.”
  2. He was awarded the Vishisht Samman (Special Literary Award) by the Antar Rashtriya Hindi Samiti, Washington D.C. (USA) on 6 December 1986. This day was declared as Hindi Day in the entire state by the Governor of Maryland. The Mayor of Baltimore also declared this day as Hindi Day in the City of Baltimore.
  3. On Republic Day celebration of India, 2006, he was honoured and the title of 'Kavi Samrat' was bestowed upon him by the Governor of Maryland, USA
  4. He has been honoured by Hindi Parishad Toronto and Edmonton (Canada) and has been honoured by numerous literary and non-literary institutions in India and USA


  1. Gulabji was felicitated by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sahitya Sammelan in 1979.
  2. He was conferred the highest honour of Sahitya Vachaspati (equivalent to the degree of PhD), by Akhil Bharatiya Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, under the president-ship of Padma Bhushan Dr. Ram Kumar Verma, in 1989.
  3. His two books – Bhakti-Ganga and Tilak Kare Raghubeer were released by The President of India, honourable Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma in 1997.
  4. He was felicitated jointly by the then Governor of U. P., Shri Vishnukant Shastri, Ex Chief Minister of U. P., Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav, Pujya Murari Bapu, and Ex Attorney General Shri Shanti Bhushan in Itawa in 2001.


Gulab Ji's Bhakti Geet and Ghazals are sung by lots of artists in India as well as in USA.

Listen to one of the Ghazal Sung by famous Thumri singer Dr Anita Sen " Dil Me Rahte The Kabhi Aapke Ham Bhul Gaye".


Works of Gulab Khandelwal

Serial Number Name of Book Name in Hindi Writing Period Genre
1 Kavita कविता 1939–41 Poems & Songs
2 Anbindhe Moti अनबिंधे मोती 1939–83 Poems & Songs
3 Chandni चाँदनी 1940–44 Songs
4 Usar Ka Phool ऊसर का फूल 1940–50 Poems & Songs
5 Nupur Bandhe Charan नूपुर बँधे चरण 1940–51 Poems & Songs
6 Seepi Rachit Ret सीपी-रचित रेत 1941–46 Sonnet
7 Prem Kalindi प्रेम-कालिन्दी 1941–77 Songs
8 Shabdon Se Pare शब्दों से परे 1941–82 Poems & Songs
9 Adhunik Kavi – 19 Gulab Khandelwal आधुनिक कवि – १९, गुलाब खंडेलवाल 1941–84 Mixed Genre
10 Prem Vina प्रेम-वीणा 1941–96 Poems & Songs
11 Antah Salila अन्तःसलिला 1941–96 Muktak, Poems & Songs
12 Desh Virana Hai देश विराना है 1941–97 Poems & Songs
13 Bali Nirvas बलि-निर्वास 1943 Mixed Genre
14 Bhavon Ka Rajkumar भावों का राजकुमार 1943–97 Poems & Songs
15 Kach Devyani कच-देवयानी 1944–45 Small Epic
16 Usha उषा 1945–47 Epic
17 Chandan Ki kalam Shahad Mein Dubo Dubo kar चन्दन की कलम शहद में डुबो-डुबोकर 1947–83 Poems
18 Gandhi Bharati गाँधी भारती 1948 Sonnet
19 Kaljayee कालजयी 1948–2006 Muktak, Poems & Songs
20 Ahalya अहल्या 1948–50 Small Epic
21 Bhool भूल 1949 Drama
22 Aayu Banee Prastavana आयु बनी प्रस्तावना 1949–71 Songs
23 Meri Urdu Ghazalen मेरी उर्दू ग़ज़लें 1950–55 Ghazal
24 Roop Ki Dhoop रूप की धूप 1960–70 Rubayi, Muktak & Couplets
25 RajRajeshwar Ashok राजराजेश्वर अशोक 1961 Drama
26 Bikhare Phool बिखरे फूल 1961–96 Songs
27 Mere Bharat Mere Swadesh मेरे भारत, मेरे स्वदेश 1962 Patriotic Songs & Couplets
28 Kumkum Ke Chhinte कुमकुम के छींटे 1965–70 Poems
29 Alok Vritt आलोकवृत्त 1968–73 Small Epic
30 Sau Gulab Khile सौ गुलाब खिले 1970–73 Ghazal
31 Pankhuriyan Gulab Ki पँखुरियाँ गुलाबकी 1973–74 Ghazal
32 Kuchh Aur Gulab कुछ और गुलाब 1977–80 Ghazal
33 Har Subah Ek Taza Gulab हर सुबह एक ताज़ा गुलाब 1978–81 Ghazal
34 Naye Prabhat Ki Angdaiyiyan नये प्रभात की अँगड़ाइयाँ 1980–83 Poems
35 Vyakti Ban Kar Aa व्यक्ति बनकर आ 1981–82 Poems
36 Boonde Jo Moti Ban Gayee बूँदें जो मोती बन गयीं 1981–82 Muktak
37 Gulab Khandelwal – Selected Poems 1983 Poems
38 Kasturi Kundal Base कस्तूरी कुंडल बसे 1983– 84 Muktak
39 Ret Par Chamakti Maniyan रेत पर चमकती मणियाँ 1983– 84 Poems
40 Ek Chandrabimb Thahra Huwa एक चन्द्रबिम्ब ठहरा हुआ 1983– 84 Poems
41 Sab Kuchh Krishnarpanam सब कुछ कृष्णार्पणम्‌ 1983–85 Devotional Songs
42 Bhakti Ganga भक्ति-गंगा 1983–97 Devotional Songs
43 Hum To Gaa Kar Mukt Huye हम तो गा कर मुक्त हुये 1986–87 Songs
44 Kitne Jivan Kitni Baar कितने जीवन, कितनी बार 1988 Songs
45 Nao Sindhi Mein Chhodi नाव सिन्धु में छोड़ी 1991 Songs
46 Geet-Vrindavan गीत-वृन्दावन 1991 Songs
47 Sita-Vanvaas सीता-वनवास 1991–92 Songs
48 Tilak Kare Raghuvir तिलक करें रघुबीर 1991–92 Devotional Songs
49 Karuna Triveni करुणा-त्रिवेणी (गीत-वृन्दावन, सीता-वनवास, गीत रत्नावली) 1991–99 Songs
50 Prit Na Kariyo Koi प्रीत न करियो कोय 1994 Masnavi
51 Nahin Viram Liya Hai नहीं विराम लिया है 1998–99 Songs
52 Tujhe Paya Apne Ko Kho Kar तुझे पाया अपने को खोकर 1999–2000 Songs
53 Diya Jag Ko Tujhse Jo Paya दिया जग को तुझसे जो पाया (इसमें 'देहली का पत्थर' तथा 'पत्र-पुष्प' भी सम्मिलित है) 2000–03 Songs
54 Mere Geet Tumhara Swar Ho मेरे गीत तुम्हारा स्वर हो 2005–06 Songs
55 Jyon Ki Tyon Dhar Deeni Chadariya ज्यों की त्यों धर दीनी चदरिया 2007–08 Songs
56 Kagaz Ki Naao कागज की नाव 2008 Poems & Songs
57 Zindagi Hai Koi Kitaab Nahin ज़िन्दगी है कोई किताब नहीं 2008 Autobiography
58 The Evening Rose 2008–09 Poems
60 Gulab Granthavali Volume 1 Part 1 गुलाब ग्रन्थावली (परिवर्धित संस्करण) खंड एक, भाग एक 1941–2000 Poems & Songs
61 Gulab Granthavali Volume 1 Part 2 गुलाब ग्रन्थावली (परिवर्धित संस्करण) खंड एक, भाग दो 1983–2000 Songs
62 Gulab Granthavali Volume 2 गुलाब ग्रन्थावली (परिवर्धित संस्करण) खंड दो 1983–2000 Poems & Songs
63 Gulab Granthavali Volume 3 गुलाब ग्रन्थावली (परिवर्धित संस्करण) खंड तीन 1941–2000 Sonnet, Couplets, Songs & Ghazals
64 Gulab Granthavali Volume 4 गुलाब ग्रन्थावली (परिवर्धित संस्करण) खंड चार 1941–2000 Epic, Small Epic & Masnavi
65 Gulab Granthavali Volume 5 गुलाब ग्रन्थावली (परिवर्धित संस्करण) खंड पांच 1939–2010 Poems, Songs English Poems & Urdu Ghazals
66 Gulab Granthavali Volume 6 गुलाब ग्रन्थावली (परिवर्धित संस्करण) खंड छः 1949–2011 Songs, Drama & English Poems


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