Gulbahar, Afghanistan

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Panjshir River coming out of Panjshir valley, crossing Gulbahar Town and continuing to join other rivers of Shamali in order to proceed jointly to Laghman province.

Gulbahar (Persian: گلبهار) is located 76 km north the Afghanistan capital Kabul. Gulbahar is a green lush area with the best mulberry in the country.[citation needed]


This war torn district, which was the battle field between different forces in different eras, is located half in Parwan province and half in Kapisa province. In the section which is located in Kapisa Province is a major textile company and Alberoni University.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 35°8′0″N 69°15′48″E / 35.13333°N 69.26333°E / 35.13333; 69.26333