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View of Gulberg after a hailstorm

Gulberg (Urdu/Western Punjabi: گلبرگ) is a residential and commercial area of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It the central business district of Lahore. It is bordered by the Allama Iqbal International Airport to the east, the Model Town development to the south, the Aitchison College campus to the north and the Shadman district to the west.

The town is known for its upscale business centers, urban shopping centres, modern restaurants and a major sports complex. It is also known as the hub of the contemporary fashion and cuisine industry in Pakistan. Gulberg is considered to be one of the most exclusive business areas[1] in Lahore.

The name "Gulberg" is a combination of the Persian "Gul" (flower) and "Berg" (leaf), which when put together gives the meaning of petal. Gulberg was famous in the past for large gardens, hence the name. It is the Central Business District of Lahore.


There was a huge manufacturing units located in Gulberg in the past 60's and 70's named "Sartaj Industries" and "Servis Industries Limited" and in the time of war with India they played a very helpful role for Pakistan military.


  • Town Municipal Officer Gulberg: Mian Nadeem Anwar
    Siddique Trade Centre

Commercial area[edit]

Two of Lahore's major markets are located in Gulberg. The Main Market gulberg and Liberty Market are commercial hubs in central Lahore, functioning as half bazaar and half shopping mall in appearance and layout. Along the side of Main Market is the Canal Park Bazar.

Most of Lahore's major high-end commercial districts are located within Gulberg, including M. M. Alam road, Gulberg Main Boulevard, portions of The Mall Road, Jail Road, Gaddafi Stadium and others. Many important buildings as well as skyscrapers like Alamgir Tower, Tricon Tower, Pace Towers,[2] City Towers, M. M. Tower, Ali Tower, Vogue Towers etc. are also located here. Ali Trade Center is also under construction here.


As mentioned earlier, Gulberg is the Central Business District[3] of Lahore and it has many business[4] as well as commercially important buildings combining business, living space, shopping[5] and entertainment at one place. Following table shows important buildings located in Gulberg.[6]

Current status of construction
Completed Under construction On hold Proposed Cancelled
List of important buildings in Gulberg, Lahore
Name Height Number
of floors
Tricon Corporate Tower[7] 74 m (243 ft) 19 Jail Rd
Pace Tower[8] 92 m (302 ft) 24 M. M Alam Rd
Vogue Towers[9] 14 M. M. Alam Road
M. M Towers[10] 14 M. M. Alam Road
Siddique Trade Center[11] 14 Main Boulevard
Park Plaza Hotel[12] 15 M. M Alam Rd
Boulevard Heights[13] 18 Main Boulevard
Ali Tower[14] 14 M. M. Alam Road
Ahad Tower[15] 12 Main Boulevard
City Towers[16] 13 Main Boulevard
Nishat Hotel[17] 10 Hussain Chowk
Hotel One[18] 11 M. M Alam Road
Carlton Tower Hotel[19] 12 Main Boulevard
Big City Plaza[20] 12 Main Boulevard
Blue Mall[21] Main Boulevard
Savoy Hotel[22] 8 M. M Alam Rd
PIA Office Building[23] 13 Main Boulevard
Aashiana Shopping Mall[24] 12 Main Boulevard
Al Hafeez Heights[25] 14 Main Boulevard
Eden Heights[26] 13 Main Boulevard
Liberty Plaza[27] 12 Main Boulevard
Ali Trade Center[28] 118 m (387 ft) 24 M. M Alam Rd
Tower 27[29] 92 m (302 ft) 24 M. M Alam Rd
Xinhua Mall 20 M. M Alam Rd
IT Tower 23 M. M Alam Rd
Liberty Forum 18 Main Boulevard
Mubarak Center Tower 1[30] 250 m (820 ft) 60 Ferozpur Road[31]
Sheikh Zayed Center Tower 2[32] 200 m (656 ft) 45 Ferozpur Road[33]
Mubarak Center Tower 3[34] 170 m (558 ft) 40 Ferozpur Road[35]
Mubarak Center Tower 4[36] 170 m (558 ft) 40 Ferozpur Road[37]
Mubarak Center Tower 5[38] 85 m (279 ft) 20 Ferozpur Road[39]
Alamgir Tower Lahore[40] 137 m (449 ft) 34 New avenue
Pearl Continental Tower[41] 150 m (492 ft) 40 New avenue
LDA Tower[42] 200 m (656 ft) 40 New avenue
Zaitoon Tower[43] 110 m (361 ft) 29 Main Boulevard
Wak Tower[44] 102 m (335 ft) 27 New Avenue
Tower 64[45] 76 m (249 ft) 18 Main Boulevard
MediPak Tower[46] 20 M. M Alam Rd
InterContinental Hotel 140 m (459 ft) 38 New Avenue
IT City II[47] 106 m (348 ft) 25 New Avenue
Al Khamas Tower[48] 20 New Avenue
Mall99[49] 20 Main Boulevard

New Avenue[edit]

LDA has planned to build a new 10 lane boulevard to be built on place of Walton Airport[50] located on 225 acres of land located on southern part of Gulberg[51] combing business, entertainment, eateries and shopping at one place. This new boulevard will be served by a monorail and will be lined by skyscrapers[52] and business centers on both sides. On hold Pearl Continental Tower and LDA Tower will also be built there.[53] It will be developed on pattern of Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai[54] and Moscow International Business Center in Russia.[55]

Residential area[edit]

Many of Pakistan's leading industrial clans, entrepreneurs, and "pro-establishment" social elite maintain residences in Gulberg, making it the civilian epicenter of Lahore, as Military families of high rank either reside in the city of Rawalpindi, or in the Cantonment ("Cantt") district of Lahore.

Gulberg's posh reputation is well-deserved. Leading athletic competitions, health and fitness gyms, as well as mixed-gender swimming pools are easily accessible to the wealthy inhabitants of the district. The area is known for its cultural centrality for the modern pro-establishment elites of Pakistan, as well as the presence of nearly all of Lahore and Punjab's prestigious non-military families.


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