Gulberg Town, Karachi

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Union councils of Gulberg Town, Karachi.
Union councils of Gulberg Town, Karachi.
City DistrictKarachi
Established14 August 2001
Union Councils
 • TypeTown Council
 • Town NazimMohammad Kamal Malik
 • Naib NazimSaeed Ahmed Sidiqi
 • Municipal OfficerLatif Lodhi
 • Total453,490

Gulberg Town (Sindhi and Urdu: گلبرگ‎) is one of the towns of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Geographically it is situated in the northern part of the city but previously fell in the jurisdiction of Karachi Central District. Gulberg is bordered by the Lyari River and Gulshan Town to the east and the Gujjar Nala stream and North Nazimabad Town to the west. Also neighbouring Gulberg are New Karachi and Gadap to the north and Liaquatabad to the south.


The population of Gulberg Town was estimated to be about 450,000 at the 2000 census. It is now estimated around 1 million people. Gulberg Town mainly consists of Muhajir inhabitants. Other ethnic groups include, Memons and Ismailis which are particularly business communities and known for their philanthropic deeds. The areas of Gulberg also holds Sindhis, Bengalis, Punjabis, Pakhtuns and Seraikis.


Gulberg is a Persian/Urdu word, means abode of flowers. The federal government of Pakistan introduced local government reforms in the year 2000, which eliminated the previous third tier of government (administrative divisions) and raised the fourth tier (districts) to become the new third tier. The effect in Karachi was the dissolution of the former Karachi Division and the merger of its five districts to form a new Karachi City-District with eighteen autonomous constituent towns including Gulberg Town.

Education and academia[edit]

Apart from the socio-economic diversification, this town has the distinction of being one of the most literate middle/upper middle class parts of the city along with North Nazimabad Town. There are numerous coaching centres in Gulberg Town, among them C.A.M.P. Collegiate is one of the famous coaching centre which is located in Block 10, Federal.B.Area. Students Inn is yet another famous coaching center in this area at main Gulberg Chowrangi serving education since 1970 and well renowned for their aptitude/Entry test preparation. The strip between Water-Pump Chowrangi and Gulberg Chowrangi lie numerous educational and coaching institutes which include the famous The Collegiate, AK Collegiate, Masterjee, Anglophile, Sir Zeeshan ZLC Collegiate, Domino, Iqra Islamic School, PM Collegiate and Sir Safder math collegiate etc.

"Markaz-e-Umeed" (The Hope Center) is one of the oldest schools for intellectually disabled children in Pakistan, established in 1971.


  • Tabba Center of Heart Diseases
  • Habib Medical Center
  • Aga Khan Hospital for Women Karimabad(Ayesha Manzil)
  • Usman Hospital
  • Mamjee Care Center
  • Aziza Husseni Hospital
  • Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases ( CDGK )
  • Federal Hospital
  • Alnoor Hospital
  • Muhammadi Hospital



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