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Official Gulden digital currency logo
Plural N/A (Gulden is a singulare tantum)
Symbol NLG
Date of introduction April 4, 2014; 4 years ago (2014-04-04)
User(s) International
Inflation Limited release, maximum number of 1,680,000,000 Gulden

Gulden (trading symbol - NLG) is a second generation peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which was created to a provide a secure, simple and fast method of performing financial transactions between private individuals, customers & service providers and also corporate entities. Like many recent (post 2012) cryptocurrencies, the primary design criteria were to improve security and usability of the currency and its underlying transaction authorisation technology (when compared to the original cryptocurrency - Bitcoin). The purpose of these changes were to simplify use and increase its adoption as a convenient, cheap and safe form of payment.


The original initiative for this currency came from Rijk Plasman with the first working implementation released on the 4th April 2014. Initially called the “Guldencoin”, this was subsequently abbreviated in October 2015 to “Gulden”. The name Gulden comes from the German and Dutch term for “gold coin” and is the Dutch name of the Dutch guilder, the pre-euro currency of the Netherlands.

Current usage[edit]

The Gulden currency can be mined which is a means of creating new Gulden by using software, quite often on specially designed computers. It can also be traded[1] on a financial market or exchange in the same way as common commodities and traditional currencies such as Oil and the USD ($).

Due to the intrinsic link with the Dutch people and culture, adoption of the Gulden as a form of payment for goods and services[2][3] is most established in the Netherlands.

Events and fundraising[edit]

2018 Capital cup[edit]

The Gulden community has entered a partnership with organisers of the Capital Cup, an international Footgolf event that has been running since 2013. After being approached by the organisers a community funding of 80,000 NLG was undertaken to sponsor the event with the prize money for the event to be paid in Gulden and Gulden payments accepted at the event. [4]



The Gulden developers are relatively outspoken that more regulation is required for digital currencies to prevent opportunistic scams from damaging the industry. [5][6]

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