Gule Sheikh

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Gule Sheikh
BornAugust 13
ResidenceChicago, United States, Toronto, Ontario, Canada & Lahore, Pakistan
OccupationFitness Competitor
Years active2003-present
Known forFirst Pakistani Fitness Competitor
WebsiteOfficial Site

Gulé Sheikh (born August 13)[1][2] is the first Pakistani body building fitness competitor in the world.[3] Belonging to Lahore, Pakistan she has succeeded with a pivotal role in a male dominated industry. She is also one of the first women of Pakistani descent[4] to be in body building competition. Gulé is a certified personal trainer and fitness competitor.[5]


Gule Sheikh[6] was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. She moved to Toronto in 1998 where she attended school and university to pursue Software Development and an aggressive career in Technology.[7] After several years of an unhealthy lifestyle and her development of adult asthma she became interested in nutrition and exercise. With a competitive streak, Sheikh realized that she was more interested in fitness competitions[8] and strictly began her journey in pushing towards her goals.

Today, she is the first Pakistani[9] female fitness competitor, where she has won 1st place in two competitions back to back within 2 weeks. She has quickly become a South Asian role model in health and wellness.[10] She is active in various fitness competitions in Canada and the USA.


Competition Rank
UFE MAYHEM 2009[11] 14
OPA 2011[12] 1


Gule Sheikh has also judged the Miss Pakistan World[13] pageant in 2010, 2011 and 2013. She has taken part in marathons, one being the Asthma Marathon Challenge.[14] She was the official host[15] of the Miss Pakistan World 2011 and 2013[16] beauty pageant held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[17]


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