Gulf Gateway Deepwater Port

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Gulf Gateway Deepwater Port was a facility for docking and unloading liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers.

Gulf Gateway was owned by Excelerate Energy Limited Partnership. It was located in Block 603 of the West Cameron Area, South Addition at a distance of approximately 116 miles (187 km) from the Louisiana coast, Gulf Gateway had a baseload capacity of 500 million cubic feet (14,000,000 m3) per day with a peak capacity of 690 million cubic feet (20,000,000 m3) per day. Unlike the four LNG terminals which were built in the US before it, Gulf Gateway handled a special type of LNG tanker which has the revaporization equipment on the ship rather than as a part of the terminal.


Offshore construction of Gulf Gateway commenced in August 2004 and was completed in February 2005 at a cost of approximately US $70 million. First cargo delivery occurred on March 17, 2005 from the world’s first Energy Bridge Regasification Vehicle (EBRV)[clarification needed] Excelsior. The terminal was closed in 2011, due to poor market conditions, and the components outlined below were removed for use at other terminals.[1]


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