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This article is about a university in Kuwait. For other institutions with a similar name, see Gulf University.
Gulf University for Science & Technology
Motto A University for Life
Established 2002; 13 years ago (2002)
Type Private
President Prof. Donald Bates
Location West Mishref, Kuwait
Campus Urban
Colors Blue and Green ‹See Tfm›    ‹See Tfm›    
Nickname GUST Falcons

Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) is the first private university established in Kuwait. It has a dual-enrollment agreement with the University of Missouri–St. Louis.


The University was to be a supplement to Kuwait University,[1] the only institution of higher education in Kuwait at that time, and to serve the ever-increasing educational demands of the local society and the Persian Gulf region. In January 1997, Kuwaiti Academic Group, composed of 41 faculty members from Kuwait University, was founded to lay the foundation for the proposed “University of the Future.” Their studies culminated in the vision of “Gulf University for Science & Technology.”

A strategic partnership was established with the University of Missouri at St. Louis (UMSL),[2] the international counterpart university chosen to help bring the visualization of the projected university to fruition. The development was facilitated and shaped by the Private Universities Decree, No. 34, issued by the State of Kuwait in 2000, resulting in the establishment of a temporary campus with the necessary infrastructure in Hawally. The issuance of Emiri Decree No. 156 in 2002 completed the legal establishment of GUST[3] as the first private university in the State of Kuwait and permitted the start of the first academic year in 2002-2003. During its eight years of operation, GUST has continually improved and expanded its educational and organizational capacities while steadily increasing its enrollments. At its first commencement ceremony in June 2007, GUST conferred diplomas on approximately four hundred graduates, many of whom were eagerly received by the leading business sectors in the state of Kuwait.[4]

Admissions & Registration[edit]


GUST follows a uniform policy with regard to admitting first-time students. Applicants are reviewed based on high school performance and achievement on the GUST English and Mathematics Placement Tests. Applicants are encouraged to submit the results of a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Test scores must be no more than two years old at the time of application. Students who do not have a valid TOEFL score must take the GUST English Placement Test.

Admission to GUST is on a competitive basis.

Academic Services[edit]

Scholarships and Student Employment[edit]

  • Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education (Private Universities Council) Scholarships
  • GUST Scholarships
  • GUST Summer Scholarship (for Study at UMSL)
  • Student Employment

Center for Career Services and Alumni (CCSA)[edit]

The Center of Career Services and Alumni[5] provides holistic comprehensive career-planning services to GUST students and alumni.


GUST has planned for but as of April 2014 still does not have any working e-learning program.

A. M. Al-Refai Library[edit]

Individual study areas and discussion rooms are provided on the lower level of the Library for women and upper level for men. There is a reader's corner for daily newspapers. Bulletin boards are used in the Library to exhibit notes, internet sites, and announcements to assist Library users in accessing information. Computer stations are available throughout the Library.[6]

Multimedia Educational Unit[edit]

The unit is involved in the following activities: Digital imaging, video and audio, screen and interface design, website design, animation, as well as graphic design, including design of brochures, publications, booklets, logos, posters, illustrations and diagrams.

Student Affairs[edit]

Office of Student Affairs[edit]

By providing all necessary resources and facilities, the goal of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is to support the educational and personal development of students at GUST and to encourage students’ personal growth. By participating in a wide variety of programs, services and activities, students are able to grow in a nourished environment, developing culturally, emotionally, socially, academically and morally. The OSA is a main source of information regarding University policies and procedures that can affect students’ university lives.

GUST athletics[edit]


Currently, GUST offers athletic programs for men and women in the following sports:

  • GUST Men Football (soccer) and GUST Women Football (soccer)
  • GUST Men Handball
  • GUST Men Volleyball and GUST Women Volleyball
  • GUST Men Tennis GUST Women Tennis
  • GUST Men Table Tennis and GUST Women Table Tennis
  • GUST Men Basketball and GUST Women Basketball
  • GUST Men Squash.

GUST Falcons participated in many tournament but most important that they won the 4th annual UCC 2009 tournament that organized every year between university teams

GUST Music Club[edit]

The GUST Music Club is composed of a group of GUST students who play a variety of instruments including the oud, guitar, tabla, piano, drums, organ and violin. During the past three years, GUST's Music Club has performed different genres of musical pieces including oriental, classical and traditional for the GUST and larger Kuwaiti community. The GUST Music Club also took part in the activities of the Halla February festival and performed at GUST commencement celebrations.

GUST Art Club[edit]

The GUST Art Club offers a variety of non-credit classes to GUST students with an interest in developing their artistic abilities. Available classes include the following: painting (gauche, water color, acrylic and oil), drawing and painting (on glass, ceramic, silk and wood), sketching, decoupage and more. All classes are given in the North Campus. Required materials and equipment are provided by GUST.

The GUST Art Club also organizes annual on-campus art exhibitions for students and university staff. Additionally, the GUST Art Club has participated in a number of off-campus art exhibitions including the Kuwaiti Art Association Exhibition, the Youth and Sports Ministry Exhibition, Al-Qurain Exhibition and the National Assembly Exhibition.

GUST IT Club[edit]

IT Club is envisioned to strengthen camaraderie among GUST students by providing activities that will help them improve their skills in technical areas relevant to the IT field.

College of Arts & Sciences[edit]

College of Arts and Sciences has five departments:[7]

College of Business Administration[edit]

  • Undergraduate Degree Programs

The College of Business Administration comprises four departments: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics and Finance, and Management Information Systems (MIS), and six degree programs, each with a strong foundational component in general business competencies. Currently, GUST students are able to major in a number of specific business fields including:[11]

    • Accounting
    • Business Administration with emphasis in one of the following areas:
    • International Business
    • Management and Organizational Behavior
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Management Information Systems
  • Graduate Degree Programs
    • Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Campus facilities and services[edit]

Buildings and grounds[edit]

The first phase of the Mishref campus was completed in 2007 and accommodates up to 3,400 students. Later phases will expand the University to accommodate more than 5,500 students. In Phase 2, the concourse will be extended for additional classrooms and other facilities including a multi-story structured parking garage.


Lockers are available near the classroom wings and in the Physical Fitness and Health Center. Lockers are accessible with student ID smart cards and may be reserved at a minimal charge.

The concourse[edit]

The three-story concourse runs north-south [N1] and east-west [W1] and is accessed from the two parking areas and central VIP entrance. It provides covered access to all academic and social activities and is considered a focal point for gathering, information and social interaction.

Ground floor[edit]

The Office of Admissions and Registration, Student Information Services (SIS), Public Relations and Marketing, and the University Library - Learning Resources Center are all located near the VIP entrance. Also close to the VIP entrance are two 125seat lecture theaters available for teaching as well as for small-scale special presentations. Prayer rooms are located near the main entrances.

Parking and campus access[edit]

Limited covered parking is available for students near the north and west entrances. Part of the north parking lot is reserved for faculty and staff during regular university working hours. Other non-covered parking is also available. Access to the campus is provided from two main gates by means of smart cards, and an innovative license plate recognition system.

Sports facilities[edit]

The Physical Fitness and Health Center is connected to the north concourse at the ground and the first levels. The facility includes a 25m indoor swimming pool with an overlooking seating area for special events. It also contains an indoor Basketball and volleyball court with seating area and digital score board

Professional Advancement and Continuing Education[edit]

GUST’s Professional Advancement and Continuing Education (PACE) is connected to the main concourse and is easily accessible for the public. The center provides conference and training facilities for the community. It consists of two auditoria, one with 500 seats and one with 200 seats, with flexible committee rooms and ample space for exhibitions and events.

Health services[edit]

GUST provides student health services at a clinic located in the Physical Fitness and Health Center and operated in conjunction with a local hospital. The clinic offers medical assistance for routine check-ups; however, students with any serious medical concern will be referred to a local hospital or specialized medical facilities.


GUST has a comprehensive security system related to fire prevention, fire-fighting safety advice and emergency evacuation procedures. The GUST campus is equipped with the latest safety equipment and security requirements which are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. Entrance and exit of all people visiting GUST are monitored by security personnel, and identification is required to enter the premises. Campus facilities are also protected by closed-circuit television. All GUST students are provided with student identity cards which are used to access campus facilities, obtain books from the library, and pay University fees.

Plasma screens[edit]

Plasma screens throughout the campus display notices of current events and are used to make official University announcements.

Access for students with special needs[edit]

All campus facilities are equipped with access ramps and elevators.


The GUST bookstore provides approved course textbooks, reference materials and other supplies.

Food services[edit]

Several cafes and eating establishments are located along the concourse on the ground floor and offer a variety of meals, snacks, and beverages. GUST provides several vending machines located all along the campus and also there are six of the fine restaurants and cafes in Kuwait allocated in the campus, three in the North and three in the West area. The restaurants and cafes are:


There are shops like:[citation needed]

  • Digits: electronic shop
  • fono: mobile shop


A photocopying center is available for students from 8am – 8pm. The library and all laboratories have access to networked printers for student use.

Smoke-free environment[edit]

Reflecting a commitment to a healthy learning environment, the GUST campus is designated as smoke-free.


The University houses an automated teller machine provided by the Burgan Bank.

Technology at GUST[edit]

The IT infrastructure has adopted Category 7 cable technology. Every seat in every classroom, laboratory and auditorium has a hard-wired connection to the internet. The wireless internet environment is provided throughout the buildings and external landscaped courtyards. By means of the IT set-up, faculty are able to control, within each classroom, both the teaching media and the environmental conditions. The IT system also supports comprehensive building management and security facilities throughout the campus.[16]

Computer laboratories

There are six computer laboratories located throughout the campus. These labs contain a variety of hardware, including printing and scanning capabilities, academic software, and high-speed access to the internet. A fiber optic networking infrastructure supports the computer labs and provides wireless network connectivity.[16]

Information Technology Department Support Services

The Information Technology Department Support Services Division provides technical support for GUST students, faculty, and staff. The Division has the responsibility of maintaining GUST’s computer labs and network and determining GUST’s IT hardware and software requirements. It also manages GUST’s network security systems, oversees the wireless network system, and provides user accounts and e-mail services.[16]


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