Gulf of Chania

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Satellite picture of Gulf of Chania

The Gulf of Chania is an embayment of the Sea of Crete in the northwestern region of the island of Crete in present-day Greece. One headland forming the Gulf of Chania is the promontory known as the Akrotiri Peninsula.[1]

Ancient history[edit]

In prehistory the powerful city of Kydonia commanded the Gulf of Chania and was a center of early Cretan art and culture in western Crete.[2] By 74 BC the city-state of Kydonia fended off an attack by Rome in a naval battle in the Gulf of Chania.[3]

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Line notes[edit]

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Coordinates: 35°35′13″N 23°54′50″E / 35.587°N 23.914°E / 35.587; 23.914