Gulf of Gonâve

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Gulf of Gonâve
Gulf of Gonave NASA.jpg
Gulf of Gonâve seen from space (false color)
Coordinates19°00′N 73°30′W / 19.000°N 73.500°W / 19.000; -73.500Coordinates: 19°00′N 73°30′W / 19.000°N 73.500°W / 19.000; -73.500

The Gulf of Gonâve (French: Golfe de la Gonâve; Haitian Creole: Lagonav) is a large gulf of the Caribbean Sea along the western coast of Haiti.[1] Haiti's capital city, Port-au-Prince, is located on the coast of the gulf. Other cities on the gulf coast include Gonaïves, Saint-Marc, Miragoâne, and Jérémie. Several islands are located in the gulf, the largest being Gonâve Island, followed by the much smaller Cayemites.


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