Gulf of Kuşadası

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The Gulf of Kuşadası (Kuşadası Körfezi) is a small gulf and strait in the Aegean Sea, separating the Greek island of Samos from the mainland of Turkey. Kusadasi is a resort town on Turkey's western Aegean coast, on the Gulf of Kusadasi. Samos Island in Greece borders the Gulf of Kusadasi to the north and east, and the mainland of Turkey borders the Gulf of Kusadasi to the west. The Mycale Strait also separates Samos Island from the Turkish mainland, and connects the Gulf of Kusadasi to the waters southwest of Turkey and south of the island of Samos.

Coordinates: 37°50′29″N 27°08′01″E / 37.84139°N 27.13361°E / 37.84139; 27.13361