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This article is about the GV-SP based G500. For current G500, see Gulfstream G500/G600.
Gulfstream G500/G550
2010-07-21 G550 NetJets CS-DKE EDDF 01.jpg
A Netjets Europe G550 business jet on final approach to Frankfurt Airport
Role Business jet
National origin United States
Manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace
Introduction 2004
Status In service
Primary users United States Air Force
United States Navy
Israeli Air Force
Produced 2003–present
Number built 530 as of June 2016[1]
Unit cost
G500: US$48.25 million (2012)[2]
G550: US$61.5 million (2015)[3]
Developed from Gulfstream V

The Gulfstream G550 is a business jet aircraft produced by General Dynamics' Gulfstream Aerospace unit in Savannah, Georgia. The certification designation is GV-SP. There were 450 Gulfstream G550s in active service as of January 2016.[4] A version with reduced fuel capacity was marketed as the G500.


G550 flight deck
G550 cabin

The G550 (GV-SP) received its FAA type certificate on August 14, 2003. Compared to the Gulfstream V, it is equipped with a Honeywell Advanced Flight Deck Display Suite to improve flight crew situational awareness and operational capabilities. Aerodynamic and engine were improved, coupled with operational changes for increased performance, range and economics. The main entry door is relocated forward and a seventh cabin window pair is added, coupled with cabin improvements for increased baggage space, external visibility and comfort.[5]

The aircraft has a "PlaneView" cockpit with four Honeywell DU-1310 EFIS screens, a Gulfstream-designed cursor control system, and an Enhanced Vision System (EVS). A thermographic camera that displays a front view on a head up display, permitting to land in lower-visibility instrument meteorological conditions than without.[6] The 500th Gulfstream G550 aircraft has been delivered in May 2015.[7] Range is increased to 6,750 nautical miles (12,500 km). It competes against the Bombardier Global Express.

As it is replaced by the $54.5 million Gulfstream G600 with a lower 6200 nmi range but with a better cabin and cockpit, faster long range cruise and lower fuel burn, it could leave production in 2019. Deliveries went from 50 aircraft in 2011 to 19 in 2016 and with 40 units for sale in a fleet of 540, its valuation are falling : a 10-year-old G550 valued $28 million a year before is worth $18-$20 million in January 2017, while a two-year-old went from $40 to $35 million.[8]


The same as the Gulfstream V or GV with a new flightdeck display system, airframe aerodynamic and engine improvements, main entry door moved forward, also marketed as the G-550.
The Gulfstream G500 has a reduced fuel capacity.[5] Introduced in 2004 as a shorter 5,800 nautical miles (10,700 km) range version, it has the same exterior appearance, as well as the PlaneView cockpit, but Visual Guidance System (HUD) and Enhanced Vision System (EVS) are options.
Marketing name for the GV-SP.
U.S. military designation for the G550 in a VIP passenger configuration.
U.S. military designation for proposed G550 version in an Electronic Warfare configuration to replace USAF's existing EC-130H Compass Call aircraft.[citation needed]
U.S. military designation for proposed G550 with the "Conformal AEW" body shape for use as range telemetry aircraft for U.S. Navy.[9]
Israel Aerospace Industries IAI EL/W-2085
G550 Airborne Early Warning
Israel has acquired a number of G550s, fitted with the IAI EL/W-2085 sensor package (a newer derivative of the Phalcon system) for Airborne Early Warning (AEW) use and named the aircraft Eitam. This aircraft is heavily modified for the AEW role by Gulfstream's partner, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), and is also called CAEW (Conformal Airborne Early Warning) by Gulfstream Special Missions Department.[10] Israel has also acquired a number of G550s dubbed SEMA (Special Electronic Missions Aircraft) with systems integration also carried out by IAI.[11] Italy has acquired 2 G550 CAEW as part of a counter-deal to Israel's $1 billion order for 30 Alenia Aermacchi M-346 advanced jet trainers.[12] Singapore ordered four similar G550 CAEW aircraft equipped with the EL/W-2085 sensor package from Gulfstream and IAI.[13]


Gulfstream G550 taxing

Civil operators[edit]

The aircraft is operated by private individuals, companies and executive charter operators. A number of companies also use the aircraft as part of fractional ownership programs.

Government and military operators[edit]

  • In late 2015 the RAAF ordered two Gulfstream G550 aircraft to be delivered by 30 November 2017. The aircraft will be used for signals and electronic intelligence gathering.[16] Both Australian Aviation and FlightGlobal have reported that the aircraft will possibly form the replacement for the electronic intelligence-gathering role performed by two of the RAAF's AP-3 Orions.[16][17]
HALO flies over smoke creating wake vortices
  • German Aerospace Center (DLR) - 1 G550 special mission aircraft. The aircraft is dubbed HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft). The aircraft's primary objective is to explore the atmosphere and its carbon cycle. Its unique configuration allows a flying altitude of more than 15 kilometers (49,500 feet), a range of more than 8,000 kilometers, and a load capacity of three tons.[18][19]
  • Israeli Air Force - 2 Eitam CAEW (Conformal Airborne Early Warning); 3 Shavit SEMA (Special Electronic Missions Aircraft)[20]
 Saudi Arabia
Tanzanian Government G550 on final approach to Zurich Airport
A USAF C-37B at Yokota Air Base, Japan
 United States


Gulfstream G500

Data from G550 Brochure[32]

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2 pilots, 0–2 attendants
  • Capacity: 14–19 passengers
  • Length: 96 ft 5 in (29.4 m)
  • Wingspan: 93 ft 6 in (28.5 m)
  • Height: 25 ft 10 in (7.9 m)
  • Empty weight: 48,300 lb (21,909 kg)
  • Useful load: 6,200 lb (2,812 kg)
  • Loaded weight: 54,500 lb (24,721 kg)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 91,000 lb (41,277 kg)
  • Maximum landing weight: 75,300 lb (34,156 kg)
  • Maximum fuel weight: 41,300 lb (18,733 kg)
  • Cabin dimensions: height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m), width: 7 ft 4 in (2.24 m), Length (exc. baggage) 43 ft 11 in (13.39 m), total length 50 ft 1 in (15.27 m)
  • Volume: Cabin: 1,669 ft³ (47.26 m³), usable baggage compartment : 170 ft³ (4.81 m³)
  • Cabin pressurization: 6,000 feet (1,800 m) altitude.[33]
  • Powerplant: 2 × Rolls-Royce BR710 C4-11 high-ratio bypass turbofan, 15,385 lbf (68.44 kN) each


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