Gulikan Theyyam

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Guligan Theyyam is worshipped as the Lord Shiva. In every Kaliyattam, the performance of Guligan Theyyam is inevitable. Among the Guligan Kavus, the most famous and most powerful one is situated at Nileshwar popularly known as the Benkanakavu [Venganakavu]. This Benganakavu is situated at the nerve centre of Nileshwar.


The 'Kanhiram' tree with the supposed weapons of Guligan and Padinhare Chamundeswari, in the premises of Benkanakavu, is believed to shower blessings on thousands of devotees in and around Kasaragod district. Devotees from Tulunadu to the Valapattanam river pay their respects to the Kavu for its immense power. The mysterious lamp of the Kanhiram tree that surrounds the tree is brightly lit up on every Tuesday and Friday after 10 pm. The prosperity of the people in the neighbouring places is believed to be on account of the presence of the God Guligan in Benkanakavu. The adjacent Koroth Nair Tharavadu, Kazhakakkar, and Kolakkar, together organize the Theyyam festival in the Benanakavu once every two years.It is also performed in other temples. In Kozhikode near Nadapuram, a temple named Pattare Paradevatha Kshethram also performs gulikan theyyam annually at midnight on March 12.Marathakkad sri iver paradevatha kshethram,kuppam,taliparamba on makaram 25 to makaram 28.