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Gulfjellet 1.JPG
Gullfjellet in the horizon. Garnes in front.
Highest point
Elevation 987 m (3,238 ft)
Prominence 714 m (2,343 ft) [1]
Coordinates 60°23′19″N 5°35′24″E / 60.38861°N 5.59000°E / 60.38861; 5.59000Coordinates: 60°23′19″N 5°35′24″E / 60.38861°N 5.59000°E / 60.38861; 5.59000
Gullfjellet is located in Hordaland
Location within Hordaland
Location Bergen, Samnanger, Hordaland, Norway
Topo map 1215 IV Samnanger
Easiest route Hiking along cairns

Gullfjellet (Gold Mountain) (987 meters above sea level), also called Gulfjellet, is the highest mountain in the municipality of Bergen in western Norway. It is situated on the border between Bergen and Samnanger, Hordaland. The name "Gul" is an old name for a strong wind, so the old name - Gulfjellet - means "the mountain with strong wind".

Due to its importance as a hiking attraction, and much bad weather, large and numerous cairns have been put up ("Varderekka") to guide hikers from both sides of the mountain. The watercourses on Gullfjellet supports large parts of the Bergen region with piped water.

Svartavatnet is situated 400 m. to the West of the mountain.[2]


View from Gullfjellet.
Redningshytten at Gullfjellet.