Gulliver River

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Gulliver River
CountryNew Zealand
Physical characteristics
 - locationFiordland
 - location
Cleddau River

The Gulliver River is a river in the Fiordland area of New Zealand. It starts in the Darran Mountains near the Grave-Talbot Pass, and flows north and then west into the Cleddau River, which runs into Milford Sound.[1] The river was named in 1906 by W.G. Grave for Alf Grenfell, who had a nickname of "Gulliver".[2] A track along the Gulliver River from the Cleddau is suitable for day walks in summer and autumn[3] and can be extended on the Grave Talbot Track into the Espereance valley, past the 59 m (194 ft) high De Lambert Falls and over the Grave Talbot Pass.[4]

In 1975 three remaining kakapo in the Esperance and Gulliver Valleys were moved to Maud Island.[5]

Esperance River[edit]

The Esperance River is a 3 km (1.9 mi) tributary flowing from the west off Mount Isolation.[6] Large rimu and beech trees line the river up to about the 500 m (1,600 ft) contour.[7]

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Coordinates: 44°42′26″S 167°58′33″E / 44.70722°S 167.97583°E / -44.70722; 167.97583