Gulustan Fortress

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Gulustan fortress
Azerbaijani: Gülüstan qalası
Gulustan Fortress is located in Azerbaijan
Gulustan Fortress
Location within Azerbaijan
General information
Architectural styleArchitectural school of Arran
Town or cityGoranboy
CountryAzerbaijan Azerbaijan
Coordinates40°20′51″N 46°33′44″E / 40.347384°N 46.562229°E / 40.347384; 46.562229
CompletedXII-XVII century
Technical details

Gulustan fortress is an ancient Armenian fortress in Nagorno-Karabakh. The fortress is located at the foothills of Murovdag. It is encircled by precipice from eastern, western and southwestern sides, forest from the north side, and slope from the south-eastside. The fortress is situated on the coast of Incechay, at a height of 1700 m above sea level and 200–250 m above the nearby territory. The way to the fortress is from south-east. The length of the fortress is 200–250 m in the east-west direction and 20–25 m in the north-south direction. The width of the wall is 0.8-0.9 m in the north and west, and in the south wall it is 1.5 m. It is reported that there is also a secret road leading to the river.[1]

The fortress name "Gulustan" is Iranian words, meaning "country of rose"[2]. Gulustan was the residence Armenian noble house of Beglaryan, who were rule Armenian Principality of Gulustan[3]/ Also, the significant historic Treaty of Gulistan was signed in this fortress.

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