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Coordinates: 33°12′N 73°16′E / 33.200°N 73.267°E / 33.200; 73.267

Gulyana: Sunny day

Gulyana (Urdu: گليانه) is a town in Gujar Khan Tehsil, Punjab, Pakistan. Gulyana is also chief town of Union Council Gulyana which is an administrative subdivision of the Tehsil.

It is the biggest village of Gujar Khan Tehsil, one of the important union councils of gujarkhan. It is approximately 62 km southeast of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and 215 km to the north west of Lahore capital of Punjab. Gulyana is bounded with north side by moza bains, mankiala and Gujarkhan city, south side by Chakri wakeelan, Cheena and Doltala, East side by Maradial, Ratyal and Tuddian and west side by Kahli Khengar, Dera Muslim(Dehra Bakhshian) and Sukho. The town has a population of approximately 25,000. Gulyana lies at the bank of small river(Kass).It is also the Pothohari cultural region. The area has considerable literate human resources which works in nearby Gujarkhan & Rawalpindi. Ogah Hoon dam (Largest dam of Pothohar region) also serves fertile land of Gulyana. A private textile mill also increases its importance in the region.


Gulyana Is Approximately 900 years old when Gul Mohammad came there and settled here and on his name Gulyana is situated. In early times Gulyana was the trade center for surrounding areas. Before Partition of Indo Pak Gulyana was the main place and Tehsildar office was also here in Gulyana and judicial setup was also in Gulyana but when GT Road pass through Gujar Khan then Gujar Khan became Tehsil. The central peak point called Pind was used by the traders to announce the arrival of new goods. These traders took goods from other parts of India and sold at the pind. It was a type of Sunday market. There were Temples, Mosques and residential properties of Hindu, Sikh and Muslim families around the Pind. Dr. Bhagwan Singh was a famous Doctor in the region. After partition his family moved to India.

After partition of British India in 1947, many Hindu & Sikh families moved to India. In the mean time many Kashmiri Immigrants came and settled in Gulyana.

In 1988 Local Celebrity Jai Akhtar briefly lived in the village having been kidnapped from the UK by his father and introduced Crisp's to the villagers. To this date the most popular locally sold product is 'JAI'S CRIPS'. They come in a variety of flavours.


80% of the population depends on Agriculture. Lands of that area are very fertile. Main Crops are: Wheat, Millet, Peanuts and other Pulses. Famous people include Sibet Hussain late ex chairman UC ,Ch Zahid late ex nazim, sub master farzand ali ,captain zafar iqba, hafiz muhammad akram social worker ,shakeel ahmed ex kisan councler , raja aslam late. Raja Mushtaq Ali (late) of Mohalla Kashmiriya was one the most prominent personality of the Village.

Gulyana: an evening view


Gulyana has one main Govt. dispensary. Private hospitals and healthcare units are also working in the town. Lady health workers are also working with other Govt. Basic Health Units in the area.

Ogah Hoon Dam[edit]

Ogah-hoon Dam is located near gulyana and it provides seasonal corps with enough supply of water through canals.


Pathwari(پوٹھوهاری (Shahmukhi); also known as Potohari پوٹھواری) is the main language of Gulyana, other languages are Urdu, Punjabi and rarely spoken language Pashto English.


The PTCL provides the main network of landline telephone. Many ISPs and all major mobile phone,Wireless companies operating in Pakistan provide service in Gulyana.

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  • Govt. high school(boys)
  • Govt. high school(girls)
  • Govt. primary school(boys)
  • Govt. primary school(girls)


Cricket, volleyball, football, Kabaddi and Bull Race.

Major industries[edit]

  • Chicken & fish farming
  • Vegetable & fruits farming
  • Milk production animals farming
  • Pottery

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