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Gum or GUM may refer to:

Edibles and associated products[edit]

Nature gums[edit]

Some articles are listed here. Others are mentioned in the article Natural gum.

Animal gums[edit]

  • Gingiva, or gums, is the soft tissue partly covering teeth

Vegetal gums[edit]

  • Various natural gums including:
    • Gum arabic, made from the sap of species of the acacia tree
    • Gum copal, a resin produced from the sap of the forest tree Daniella
    • Kauri gum, from the fossilized resin of Kauri trees
    • Spruce gum from the resin of spruce trees


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Mr. Gum, the central character in a series of novels for children by Andy Stanton
  • Gum, a character from the Jet Set Radio video game series
  • Gum, a character in the British comic Monster Fun
  • Great Uncle Matthew, a character in the novel Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild


Other uses[edit]

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