Gumani River

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For the settlement in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana, see Gumani.

Gumani River is a river in Bangladesh. It originates from the river Padma and meets with the Barani near Morkal Bazar.[citation needed] The joint flow of Gurnai and Baranai flows southeast as the Gurnai[citation needed] and meets with the Gur near Chanchkoir, Gurudaspur Upazila to the east of the Chalan Beel and flows as the Gumani.[1] Flowing east of Bhangura the river again meets with the Baral and flows further as the Baral (Atrai-Baral).


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Coordinates: 24°10′N 89°28′E / 24.167°N 89.467°E / 24.167; 89.467