Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak

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Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak
Directed by Lino Brocka
Produced by Eric M. Cuatico, Boy C. De Guia, Vic del Rosario Jr.
Written by Ricardo Lee
Music by Nonong Buencamino
Cinematography Pedro Manding Jr.
Edited by George Jarlego
Distributed by Viva Films
Release date
May 17, 1990
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog

Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak is a 1990 FAMAS award winning and critically acclaimed Filipino drama film directed by Lino Brocka.


A teenage boy befriends a well known B-movie actress Rachelle (Dina Bonnevie) who is having an affair with a Mayor Edmundo Guatlo (Eddie Garcia). His wife Rowena (Charo Santos-Concio) wants to get rid of her in order to not snag controversy during the election. Rachelle agreed to disappear only in two conditions: if Edmundo releases her lover out of prison (Christopher De Leon); and kill his rival opponent in the elections. Brocka's Gumapang Ka sa Lusak shows the evils of society, corruption and epidenious world of glitz, and disaster in the world of the ruling influential, society of politics and the message of life trying to make a living from the dirt and gravel of society we all struggle to live in.


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