Gumbok Rangan

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Gumbok Rangan
Highest point
Elevation 5,320 m (17,450 ft)
Coordinates 32°57′31″N 77°14′55″E / 32.9585°N 77.2486°E / 32.9585; 77.2486
Location Jammu and Kashmir, India

Gumbok Rangan is a stand-alone lofty rocky precipice located in Kurgiakh Valley of Zanskar, India in Lakong region. It is considered to be holy by the local inhabitants who practice Tibetan buddhism. Gumbok Rangan lies along the Darcha- Padum Trek route. Gumbok Rangan can be seen from the village of Kurgiakh which is about 16 kilometres away. The foothills of the Gumbok Rangan precipice are at the altitude of 5,486 metres.[1]