Gumdrop Seamount

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Gumdrop Seamount
Summit depth 1,207 m (3,960 ft)
Location offshore Central California
Coordinates 37°27.00′N 123°28.00′W / 37.45000°N 123.46667°W / 37.45000; -123.46667Coordinates: 37°27.00′N 123°28.00′W / 37.45000°N 123.46667°W / 37.45000; -123.46667[1]
Country California, United States
Type Seamount (Underwater volcano)
Volcanic arc/chain Central Californian seamounts

Gumdrop Seamount is a small seamount (underwater volcano) located on the flank of Pioneer Seamount, off the coast of Central California. It is the northernmost of the related seamounts in the region, which includes Davidson, Guide, Pioneer, and Rodriguez seamounts. It is defined by a series of aligned cones separated by troughs filled with sediments, the majority of which are poorly defined. The largest cone rises to within 1,207 m (3,960 ft) of sea level. It is estimated to have a volume of about 100 km3 (24 cu mi), but the poorly defined base hinders observations of its size. Samples recovered from Gumdrop are highly vesicular in origin, and include alkalic basalt, hawaiite, and mugearite; however, their ages have yet to be determined.[2]


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