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Gumshoe Awards
Awarded forBooks
CountryUnited States

The Gumshoe Awards are an American award for popular crime fiction literary works. The Gumshoe Awards are awarded annually by the American Internet magazine Mystery Ink (not to be confused with Mystery Inc.) to recognize the best achievements in crime fiction. The nominated books were chosen from those published for the first time in the United States in English (or English translation). They have been awarded since 2002 in several categories:[1]

  • Best Mystery
  • Best Thriller
  • Best First Novel
  • Best Crime Fiction Website
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2005 a new award category was introduced: Best European Crime Novel.[1]


Category Title Initially awarded Notes
Best Novel Best Mystery 2002 In 2002/3 this was titled "Best Novel"
Best Thriller 2005
Best European Crime Novel 2005
Best First Novel 2002
Lifetime Achievement 2002
Best Crime Fiction Website
2002 2002/3: "Best Author Website"

Prize winners by category[edit]

Best Mystery (2002/3: "Best Novel")[edit]

Year Prize winner Title Publisher
2002 Thomas Perry Pursuit Random House, New York 2001
2003 George P. Pelecanos Hell to Pay Little, Brown & Co., Boston 2002
2004 Steve Hamilton Blood is the Sky Thomas Dunne Books, New York 2003
2005 Jim Fusilli Hard, Hard City Putnam's, New York 2004
2006 Laura Lippman To the Power of the Three William Morrow, New York 2005
2007 Julia Spencer-Fleming All Mortal Flesh Thomas Dunne Books, New York 2006
2008 James Lee Burke The Tin Roof Blowdown Simon & Schuster, New York 2007

Best Thriller[edit]

Year Prize Winner Title Publisher
2005 Barry Eisler Rain Storm Putnam's, New York 2004
2006 Joseph Finder Company Man St. Martin's Press, New York 2005
2007 Robert Ferrigno Prayers for the Assassin Scribner, New York 2006
2008 Robert Crais The Watchman Simon & Schuster, New York 2007

Best European Crime Novel[edit]

Not awarded: 2008

Year Prize Winner Nationality Title Publisher
2005 Henning Mankell Swedish The Return of the Dancing Master The New Press, New York 2003
2006 Robert Wilson British The Vanished Hands Harcourt, New York 2006
2007 Karin Fossum Norwegian When the Devil Holds the Candle Harcourt, New York 2006

Best First Novel[edit]

Year Prize Winner Title
2002 C. J. Box Open Season Putnam's, New York 2001
2003 Eddie Muller The Distance Scribner, New York 2002
2004 P.J. Tracy Monkeewrench Putnam's, New York 2003
2005 Dylan Schaffer Misdemeanor Man Bloomsbury, New York 2004
2006 Randall Hicks The Baby Game Wordslinger Press, San Diego 2005
2007 John Hart The King of Lies St. Martin's Minotaur, New York 2006
2008 Sean Chercover Big City, Bad Blood William Morrow, New York 2007

Lifetime Achievement[edit]

Year Prize Winner Nationality
2002 Ross Thomas  United States
2003 Dick Francis  United Kingdom
2004 Ruth Rendell  United Kingdom
2005 Lawrence Block  United States
2006 Ed McBain  United States
2007 Robert B. Parker  United States
2008 Donald E. Westlake  United States

Best Crime Fiction Website (2002/3: "Best Author Website")[edit]

Year Prize Winner Website
2002 Lee Child Official Site of Lee Child and Jack Reacher[2] Author site
2003 Michael Connelly Official Website of Bestselling Author Mike Connelly [3] Author site
2004 Sarah Weinman Confessions of Idiosyncratic Mind[4] Weblog
2005 January Magazine's Crime Fiction Section January Magazine[5] Literature-Online magazine
2006 (Graham Powell)[6] Weblog
2007 Demolition Magazine Demolition Magazine[7] Literature-Online magazine
2008 The Thrilling Detective Web Site Thrilling Detective[8] Website (Kevin Burton Smith)

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