Gumti River (Tripura)

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Gomoti River
Gumti River, Comilla.jpg
Gomoti river in Kaptan Bazar,Comilla.
Gumti River (Tripura) is located in Bangladesh
Gumti River (Tripura)
Location in Bangladesh
CountryBangladesh, India
Physical characteristics
SourceDumur, Tripura
MouthMeghna River
Length95 km (59 mi)

Gumti, Gomti, Gumati or Gomati (Bengali: গোমতী, gomtī/gomôtī) is a river flowing through the north-eastern Indian state of Tripura and Bangladesh. A dam has been constructed near Dumbur on the river that has formed a lake covering 40 square kilometres (15 sq mi).[1]


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