Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary

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Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is a Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura, India.[1] It covers an area of about 389.54 square kilometres (150.40 sq mi).

About: This sanctuary is the place for many animals like elephants, sambar, buffalo, yapping deer, sarow and wild goat and numerous more. Reptiles have additionally discovered a home in the sanctuary. The home spreads a range of 389.54 km2 and is rich in flora and fauna. It is found close to the sanctuary is a huge water reservoir involving a region of 300 km2. A few inhabitant and migratory birds flock to this repository and henceforth might be spotted effectively. Invest some opportunity viewing the colourful fowls and take back home a few remembrances as photos. It is the second home in state of Tripura.

Distance: Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is spotted at South Tripura region.

Specification: Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the prominent sanctuaries that speck the bush clad landscapes of Tripura; this sanctuary is a sign of the common legacy of the state and affirms the various Tripura wild life and it is one of the best places of the animal visitors.[2]


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