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GunBound Revolution was a version of GunBound, a multiplayer online game, made specifically for North America. It was hosted by ijji and was developed by Softnyx. When the service first opened, users from the USA and Canada were able to transfer their accounts from GunBound World Champion, but for only a short time. Later transfers were not allowed and would result in players being banned. Instead of GunBound Cash, GunBound Revolution employed "G coins" method which gives "G coin users" an advantage over users who do not buy "G coins".

Shortly after it came into existence, GunBound Revolution was opened to international players by popular demand. GunBound Revolution first ran only on the Internet Explorer browser. After users complained that they were unable to use Mozilla Firefox, a Firefox Launcher was provided in 2007.

Season 2 began in April 2008. In June 2009, ijji stopped running GunBound.


Mobiles were Nak, Aduka, Trico, Raon Launcher, Kalsiddon, Whale (added in season 2), Wolf (added in season 2), Maya (g-coin only), Phoenix(Power user), Big Foot, Armour, J.D, Mage, Lightning, A Sate, Grub, Knight (random), Dragon (random), Boomer, Frank (g-coin only), Ice, Turtle, J.Frog, and Tiburon.

Ranking System[edit]

Total Ranking[edit]

There were a total of 43 ranks, including the Administrator(Hammer) rank and the Special(Trophy) rank. Each rank required a certain amount of GP to be obtained. When you start off your rank is a Little Chick. The ranks that follow require a fixed (non-variable) amount of GP. During Season 2, Ijji changed the ranking system, previously including only 25 ranks, and the top 13 ranks were based on a percentage basis and the requirements for these would frequently change (usually increase) with each day as more people gained GP.

Finally, the Administrator rank was a rank specifically for GM's (Game Masters), and the Special rank was reserved usually for events.

Country/Home Team Ranking[edit]

Almost all versions of Gunbound had Country or Home Team ranking separating players by geographical region.

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