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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Developer(s) MAIET Entertainment
Publisher(s) MAIET Entertainment
    Engine Realspace v3
    Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
    Release date(s) 2011 (Korea Beta)
    • EU December 2013
    • NA 17 February 2014
    Genre(s) Third-person shooter
    Mode(s) Online multiplayer

    GunZ 2 aka GunZ: The Second Duel is an online third-person shooting game created by South Korean-based MAIET Entertainment. It is the sequel to 2003's GunZ: The Duel. Gunz 2 began its first closed beta test in Korea in early 2011, however it has yet to be released. Gunz 2 is currently greenlit on Steam via its Greenlight program, and has entered into beta testing on February 17, 2014 via Steam Greenlight.[4] The Steam version of Gunz 2 is available for international players, mainly in North America. The European version of Gunz 2 is currently in its open beta phase, hosted by ProSiebenSat.1 Media.[5]


    The game was initially announced in 2010.[6] and expanded to have a second server in Taiwan in May 2011.[7] A closed beta occurred in August 2012[8] and sought Greenlight in March 2013.[9] On March 25, 2013[10] in mere months before the cancellation of the first game by Aeria (who bought out rights owner Ijji in 2012) it was announced that the English version of the game would be distributed via Steam (software), and was registered on Steam that day. It was greenlit for a wider international release on June 13. On March 29, it expanded to include Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.[11] On April 3 it expanded again to include Asia, Europe and the United States.[12]

    By April 4, after only 10 days on Steam, the greenlight project made the top 100.[13] It climbed to the top 50 by April 18,[14] the top 30 by April 29,[15] and the top 15 by May 23[16]

    On May 7 a member of the Gunz 2 North America team was interviewed about the game, where they clarified that those who joined the Steam group would get invites to the beta test of the game.[17] On June 3, a press release from ProSiebenSat.1 Games revealed that they will publish the European version of the game, scheduled to be released in winter of 2013.[18] MAIET also gained a Taiwanese publisher in Wasabii.[19] On June 13, Gunz 2 received Greenlight approval from Steam, meaning that the English version for North America would moving forward, followed by the South American version.[20]

    On August 21, MAIET announced that closed beta testing had begun in Europe and Taiwan, while the open beta test was scheduled to occur in December. They also confirmed that it would be available with English and Korean voices while other language options would be available in Portuguese and Spanish.[21] On December 15 they announced those releases would be pushed back to early 2014[22] and later clarified that it was scheduled for January, then it was pushed to February.[2]


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