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Gun cultures are found around the world, and evidence various attitudes towards guns in such places as the United States, UK, and Pakistan. Among the most studied and discussed global gun cultures is that of the gun culture in the United States.[1]

United Kingdom[edit]

The U.K. gun culture is represented by shooting sports.[2]


Gun ownership, especially in the mountainous northwest, is part of traditional Pakistani culture. Rifles are handed down from generation to generation for hunting and for celebratory fire. In the 21st century, increases in terrorist threats, and particularly in urban kidnappings, extortions, and robberies, has led to an increase in civilian demand for guns for self-protection.[3]

The United States of America[edit]

Gun ownership in the United States is constitutionally protected by the United States Bill of Rights. Guns are owned for self defense, hunting, sport, and military purposes.

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